thoughts on season four

It is humbling to look back on a year of “once in a lifetime” meals with visionary guests across the country. This season is a truly special one. I can’t wait for you to see it and to experience each meal with us. More importantly, it’s a chance to absorb the insight, the wisdom, the inspiration, the secret sauce that each guest shares during our meal. That’s the entrée. That’s the good stuff. It’s funny. Each season – I think it will get easier to get the show, the guests, the restaurants on board and what I’ve learned is that it is anything but easy. It involves a lot of incredibly difficult days where I’m not sure it’s going to work. But somehow, here we are! This program is truly a labor of love and a toast to great restaurants around the world and a special fist bump to the restaurateurs and hospitality professionals who have devoted their lives to great hospitality. It’s also a toast to people of all disciplines who are trying to do something great, create something new and turn “nothing into something.” We began shooting in January of last year in the Caribbean island of Anguilla. The guest, Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon, is a well-known travel journalist who has truly created a dream career as a “Carivangelist” aka an evangelist for the Caribbean. The location is out of a movie. A swath of sand in the middle of the Caribbean that is home to only a restaurant. No electricity. The restaurant is generator and solar powered. No residents. Just a restaurant where the warm staff and fresh food and produce arrives by boat. It’s called Sandy Island....and it is breath-taking. As beautiful as the setting was and as delicious as that rum punch was I had in my hand (thank you to bartender Dion!), the story of Sarah’s journey to carve out this dream career was even more delicious. Her vision for her life and career and her ability to make it happen is why we do the show.

The first episode of the season is perched high above Los Angeles in the swankiest and most stunning of locations: The Rooftop by JG. That’s Jean-Georges. It is a place to see and be seen for sure. What I thought was so interesting was that the guest chose it not only for it’s spectacular California fresh cuisine and trademark Jean-Georges excellence, but because he could see “other people who look like me here.” Emmanuel Acho is a former NFL football player and current sports analyst who had a life altering and career-altering moment the week George Floyd was murdered. I’ll leave it for him to tell you the whole story but it involved stepping into what he called “his calling”. As he shared his journey from Dallas, Texas to this moment with me, the stunning scenery seemed to fade away. His ability to communicate his clarity of mission and his crystal clear intention is why we do the show.

As you watch this season, you will see several common threads. Innovation. Creativity. Tenacity. Resilience. I love seeing how the story of architect Jeanne Gang, one of the most influential female architects in the world, mirrors the story of a rock icon like Jon Bon Jovi. Huh? What do you mean Kate? The roots of creativity run through every guest’s story. It's always fascinating when you can find out “why” someone does something and not just what or how they did it. It turns out both of these guests are similarly motivated even though their worlds could not be more different. Finding out “the why” is why we do the show.

I am so excited to share this season with you and I can’t wait to hear how it impacts your life. As always, I would love to hear from you...and find out which episode is your favorite and why. Drop me a line at Cheers!! And Talk soon!